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Personal Development Through Literature

December 27, 2018

Remember that book you loved as a teenager? What did you learn from it? What effect did it have in your life? Did you ever try to act like the protagonist? Well, books have a stronger effect on us than we might think. Indeed, some of them can transform our lives. We’ve all heard inspirational stories of successful people reading a certain book and then taking actions that allow them to achieve great things in life. Well, some stories might be exaggerated, but the fact that reading can improve our lives still stands.

Some books give us insight into types of people, and others teach us about relationships and business. Some people get hooked on books, whilst others prefer easier ways to relax such as watching television or surfing social media.

You are only forced to read a selection of high quality literature at school, and you probably didn’t even appreciate it at the time.  In fact, it is not uncommon for students to hate reading and essay writing. In which case you should entrust your assignments to writers, representatives of the best essay writing services  testified by numerous website to buy essays reviews

When you come back to some of the books as an adult, you can explore them from an entirely different perspective.

Why Should You Read?

You might not have been a bookworm at the high school, but if you paid at least some attention to what you read, some of the concepts would have stuck in your mind.

Fiction and non-fiction are used for different purposes, but it is the former I would like to focus on in this article because I believe it can transform your worldview.

What Are Humans?

Worthy books develop their characters in such a way that we can describe their personalities better than our own. We learn to understand the motives and behaviours of different people.

By going through secondary literature and applying our analytical skills, we can watch humans from the side and see how they react to various situations and respond to actions. We see their ways of dealing with conflicts and what their strengths and weaknesses are. We obtain a unique perspective on things we encounter in everyday life, so we can learn to deal with them better.

You can read people better if you have some prior ‘training’. This skill is invaluable in life.

Solving Problems

Because the protagonist usually faces some conflict or problem, the writer describes in detail how their character deals with it whether successfully or unsuccessfully. We become acquainted with the process and can learn from the mistakes or use the fictional experience to solve our problems. It is often the intention of the author to teach the reader to avoid such mistakes in real life.

Develop Your Imagination

Ageing does not have a good effect on our imagination. Once we settle down, we seldom meet new people or visit new places. Reading fiction makes up for that missing part of our life. Developing your imagination enables you to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

Improve Your Language

Well-read people boast larger vocabularies than others. They can thus express their thoughts and ideas freely. Better vocabulary also contributes to better acceptance of other new concepts, which is fundamental to learning.

On top of that such people can grasp complex material faster, which makes them great pedagogues. These skills can hardly be developed through anything else.

Dealing With Stress

You would be surprised to find out that some people use reading as a means to deal with stress. That’s right, and it can be just as effective as physical exercise, going out or meditation.

It allows us a welcome break from our problems by taking us away from real life at least for a short period of time. It is a healthier alternative to drugs or alcohol.

Develop Tolerance And Empathy

By going through events with the characters, we learn to see problems and understand the consequences of certain actions and events.

We then apply our experience to real life. Having experienced a lot of characters in books, we can grow to appreciate the differences between people’s mindsets.

Become More Interesting

Historical events and unusual places we visit in the literature provide us with plenty to share in conversations.

This skill is vital to gaining friends or making business contacts. You will come across as a more well-rounded person in all circumstances, which gives you a higher ground compared to less educated people.

Develop A Wider Perspective

If you are familiar with other cultures and religions, you are unlikely to exhibit prejudice or fear. Your knowledge supports acceptance and communication instead.

With the increasing rate of globalisation in our world, it is fundamental that you widen your horizons. Reading is more affordable than travelling. On top of that, prior knowledge of cultures and their customs from literature facilitates communication and development of respectful relationships.

Detect Cause-Effect Relationships

This skill is tough to master but is highly valued in the professional world. Authors provide details as to characters’ motives and repercussions of their actions on them and their surroundings.

Experienced readers can make more weighed decisions considering all potential future effects of specific choices.

Discover Yourself

In the world of social media, it can be difficult to find time to spend alone. We are constantly reacting with other people, who affect our actions. It is important to find time to hear and understand yourself.

By reading, we block all other distractions and enjoy the calmness of the moment. This way we can proceed to get quality rest and return to work feeling refreshed.

The list could go on, but your time is better spent reading some fiction! It can even help you with future assignments. It is a sound idea to use a writing service initially, however, to get a good idea of what teachers look for in your work. Make sure you opt for a reliable paper writing service. A good place to find one is among papersowl online review.

Before you embark on your journey, I suggest you review the above arguments and take a look at this handy resource too.


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