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Our Single Malt Whisky

Machir Bay

Named after the most spectacular beach on Islay, Machir Bay is the flagship of the Kilchoman range. Machir Bay is a unique and complex combination of ex-bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry butts. Machir Bay was first launched in 2012 when it won the prestigious IWSC 2012 Gold Award and more recenty in 2016 it was awarded best Islay Single Malt at the IWC. “Machir Bay has a beautiful balance of vanilla, smokey butterscotch and rich fruitiness each contributing in complexity and combining to create a truly unique Islay dram” John MacLellan, Distillery Manager


Sanaig, a small rocky inlet North West of the distillery is the name given to this continuously available release. Sanaig has a predominantly sherry cask influence owing to the significant time spent in oloroso sherry Hogsheads. These aged oloroso casks contribute a drastically transformed depth of colour and character compared to the mostly Bourbon cask matured Machir Bay. “A beautiful marriage of bourbon and sherry maturation balanced with classic Islay peat smoke and light citrus sweetness” Anthony Wills, Founder. Sanaig was awarded Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Non Age Statement at the IWSC 2016.

100% Islay

All parts of the production process for the 100% Islay have taken place at the distillery – from barley to bottle; grown, malted, distilled, matured and bottled, making for a unique character. We are proud to be the only Islay distillery distilling single malt from barley both grown and malted on Islay. Bottled at 50% ABV and peated to a lower level to that our other releases, 100% Islay has a lighter, fresher feel to it. Citrus and lemon notes come through with soft peat smoke and a long smooth finish.  First launched in 2010 a new edition of the 100% Islay has been released every year since.

Loch Gorm

Named after a famously peaty loch overlooked by the distillery, Loch Gorm is the only fully ex-sherry cask matured release in our range. Since it's first launch in 2012 a new edition of Loch Gorm has been released every year, each with it's unique balance of sherry influence and maturity. Bottlings are differentiated by distillation and bottling years printed on the label. Loch Gorm combines rich sherry fruits and spices with smouldering peat, cloves and lingering sweetness.


The Vintage releases are created from specially selected fresh and refill Bourbon casks. The bourbon casks selected for the Vintage releases are some of the oldest we have maturing.  The 2006 Vintage was the first to be launched as a five year old, since then we have released a 2007 Vintage (six years old), a seven year old 2008 Vintage was released in Autumn 2015.  Being matured exclusively in bourbon barrels gives these releases powerful peat smoked fruit on the nose and mouth-filling butterscotch and clove sweetness on the palette.

Original Cask Strength

The Original Cask Strength is a special edition Kilchoman bottled at natural cask strength, presenting the whisky in its purest form with un-paralleled intensity of flavour and texture. Anthony Wills, managing director of Kilchoman, said: “This is the way single malt should be drunk. It allows everyone to experience Kilchoman with all the characteristics captured in the glass”. The first release in October 2014 was chosen from a selection of ex-bourbon barrels filled in 2009.  The second edition in October 2016 was a vatting of 95 Quarter Casks.

Port Cask Matured

The Port Cask Matured release was the first of its kind when it was released in 2014. This release is fully matured in ex Ruby Port casks allowing for the full influence of the port casks to be imparted into the whisky. It is bottled at 55% abv and has a mahogany colour with a touch of ruby. The nose is powerful with lemon and citrus notes and the palate has smoke right away along with sweet, nutty milk chocolate character. There is a heavy textured finish which drifts away to dry smoke with oakiness. 

Madeira Cask Matured

Released in the Autumn of 2015, the Madeira Cask Matured followed the release of our Port Cask Matured bottling in late 2014, both were firsts for Kilchoman. In 2010 approximately 20 Port, Madeira and Sauterne casks were filled for a full maturation period of 3-5 years rather than the industry norm of finishing the whisky in wine casks for just a few months. The result is a rich, nutty influence from the Madeira wine casks combined beautifully with the peaty Kilchoman spirit to give a punchy yet refined Islay dram.

Sauternes Cask Matured

Released in September 2016, the Sauternes Cask Matured was limited to just 6,000 bottles. It followed the Port and Madeira cask matured expressions released in 2014 and 2015 respectively and continued our commitment to small batch ‘full term maturation’ rather than the more common practice of finishing whisky in such casks for a short period prior to bottling. Quarter casks, roughly a quarter the size of a 500 litre Butt, allow for increased whisky to wood contact within the barrel which has created pronounced caramel and vanilla character along with fruit notes and peat smoke typical of Kilchoman spirit.

Single Cask

A variety of single casks are released throughout the year in markets around the world. All Single Casks are released at cask strength and the label displays all cask information. These single casks bottlings typically represent the very best casks in the warehouse.  We endevore to always have a specially selected single cask available only from the distillery shop, it is a must-try if you are visiting!