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Sanaig scores 95.1pts at the International Whisky Competition 2019

June 25, 2019

It was another great year for Kilchoman at the International Whisky Competition with Sanaig scoring 95.1 points, that’s right, 95..1 points! Machir Bay also did pretty well with 91.4 points.  IWC results follow both expressions being awarded Gold Medals at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters earlier this month – we’re on a roll.


Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder “It is hugely satisfying to see the hard work of everyone at Kilchoman recognised with such great scores – we’ll be handing out double whisky rations for all the team this week!”



Which scores higher in your opinion?  The salt lick, sea spray, citrus, berries and butterscotch of the mostly bourbon cask matured Machir Bay or the rich rum-soaked-raisins, peat fire and figs and dried fruit of the predominantly sherry cask matured Sanaig?  Discover more about our two core expressions HERE or by tapping the NFC tag on the back of Machir Bay and Sanaig bottles.




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