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More Experimentation at Kilchoman

August 31, 2020

We know Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & Managing Director, likes to experiment, latest trials include different strains of yeast, planting different barley varieties and particularly playing with various cask types, now he has a new project on the go!

We have recently taken delivery of two ex-red wine oak vats all the way from the Douro Valley in Portugal.  Dias is the cooperage that we already buy a number of our experimental casks from and being offered these vats was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. 

Each vat has a capacity of 4,000 bulk litres and they have both now been filled with nineteen first fill bourbon barrels from 2016.  The vats have been coopered to our specification which involved shaving, toasting and re-charring the interior.  One vat has been lightly toasted while the other has a medium toast. We hope to see subtle differences in the character and colour of the whisky due to the different toasting levels, but only time will tell! 

Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & Managing Director

The two experimental vats will now rest in our newest warehouse where Anthony and the team will regularly rummage the spirit and keep an eye (and taste) on how things develop.  Anthony predicts that maturation will be slower in the vats due to their size but it will be interesting to see what happens.  We will keep you updated!



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