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Feis Ile 2018

April 11, 2018

The Feis Ile is fast approaching and in two weeks today it will be our Open Day – 31st May! The full schedule of events for the day can be found here. The 31st of May also sees the release of our annual Feis Ile bottling.

Anthony Wills and Robin Bignal made their way down to the warehouse a few weeks ago and went in search of some casks suitable for some experienced Feis Ile visitors. There wasn’t much produced back in 2007 when the distillery was newly opened but they have located some 2007 bourbon barrels that were filled in March of that year, making this an 11 year old release, something we have rarely done! These have now been tasted and vatted to produce approximately 740 bottles for release on the 31st.

These bottles will only be available from the distillery shop from 10am onwards. The price will be £111 and due to the limited amount there will be one bottle available per person.

Look forward to seeing you on the 31st May!



‘My Perfect Kilchoman Pairings’ by Whisky Chef Martine Nouet

I am always filled with emotion when, travelling abroad for whisky events, I talk with whisky aficionados and tell them I live on Islay. Their eyes light up with envy, it’s like I am telling them I come from Heaven!! The name acts like a magnet, maybe more for people…

March 4, 2019