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October 1, 2017

The weather for this year’s harvest was very unsettled and we were delayed by over two weeks before we could get our new combine into the fields. We eventually started on the 17th September, we combined for 2 days and managed to get over half of the barley in before the weather changed. It wasn’t until the 25th September that we managed to get back out and the Farm team worked to the early hours to finish the harvest. Working late turned out to be a great decision, as other farmers on Islay are still struggling to finish their harvest. We harvested a total of 204 tonnes with yields of 1.9tonnes an acre. If we had managed to get on to the fields earlier when it was ready we would have achieved higher yields, as we had barley flattened by the wind and rain which made combining a lot harder.

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‘My Perfect Kilchoman Pairings’ by Whisky Chef Martine Nouet

I am always filled with emotion when, travelling abroad for whisky events, I talk with whisky aficionados and tell them I live on Islay. Their eyes light up with envy, it’s like I am telling them I come from Heaven!! The name acts like a magnet, maybe more for people…

March 4, 2019