The mash tun, washbacks and stills were specifically designed and built to produce Kilchoman’s unique spirit. The stills are amongst the smallest in Scotland.

The wash still is charged with 3000 litres of wash. This produces 1000 litres of low wines @20% ABV

The spirit still is charged with 1600 litres. This produces 300 litres of spirit @69% ABV and 600 litres of feints.

Low and feints together will be approx. 25% ABV.

Our Distilling Programme

Mash Size 1.2 tonnes
Waters - 3 1st – 4600 litres @ 68C (Mashed in at 64C)

2nd – 1800 litres @ 80c

3rd – 4600 litres @ 90C
Washbacks Four stainless steel

1st and 2nd waters fill each to 6000 litres

Yeast 20kg of Mauri Distillers Yeast per wash back
Fermentation Time Average 100 hours
Wash Still Charged with 3000 litres
Spirit Still Charged with 1600 litres

Weekly Distilling Programme

Mashes 6
Distillation Runs 12   (1 wash back = 2 runs of the stills)
Spirit Reduction 69% ABV reduced to 63.5% ABV before filing
Cask Filling 22 casks per week

Annual production in 2015 was 150,000 litres of alcohol