One mash at Kilchoman produces 6000 litres of worts which is held in one of our six washbacks. We then add yeast to each washback which reacts with the sugars to begin fermentation and produce alcohol.

Each distillery varies the amount of time they spend fermenting and an average around scotland is 55 hours. We take this to an extreme and have an average fermentation time of 100 hours. As the yeast reacts with the sugars it dies between 50-60 hours but this is not the end of the changes in the washbacks, as time goes on lactic acid and esters form which produce creamy, buttery and particularly fruity odors and flavours. This long fermentation time is vital in creating the complex and flavourful spirit that is unique to Kilchoman.

After 100 hours of fermentation in the washbacks we are typically left between 7-8%abv

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