Barley Field

The farm is a vital part of life at Kilchoman and we have 2,322 acres of farmland, of which only 160 acres are suitable for growing barley. 

The fields are ploughed and planted in mid-April once the geese have left the island. We exclusively grow Concerto barley due to its high yielding properties and it also has the ability to stand up to the wet and windy Islay conditions. Once the barley has reached maturity over the summer months we then harvest in September. We hope to harvest between 150 - 200 tons of barley.

The financial risks for groing our own barley are considerable as all the costs are paid at the time of planting and we totally rely on the weather for the crop. Why do we bother? Just taste a dram of our 100% Islay - makes all the worry and risk worthwhile! 

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